Enough Energy to Make it Through the Day with Energy Go Stix

Let's face it. There are days when you feel as if you can't even get out of bed much less go to work or get up to fix a decent breakfast for yourself and your family. Why? Because you have absolutely no energy even though you may have slept for several hours. Or worse, you couldn't sleep because your body just hasn't been able to unwind and rest lately. 

The Better Sleep Council Report (2016) shows that Americans spend over US$5 million per year on energy drinks alone! That figure should tell you that you are not alone in your quest for more energy. It is a huge problem in America and around the world!. People are spending a fortune on energy drinks. In fact, the energy drink market in the United States is poised to exceed US$21 billion in sales. As much as 80% of adults living in the United States consume caffeine every single day. And it's not because caffeine makes beverages taste good, it's mostly because of the energy boost that people get from consuming caffeine. However, an over-reliance on caffeine can lead to long term health issues that you would rather not have to deal with.

Energy Go Stix to the Rescue

  • There is an all-natural supplement available, called Energy Go-Stix that provide a viable alternative to sugary energy drinks and caffeinated beverages. Here are some of the great benefits of Energy Go-Stix:
  • Supports memory, alertness and mood
  • Promotes healthy metabolism and weight-management when accompanied with a sensible diet and exercise
  • Contains patented 4Life Transfer Factor to support healthy immune system function.

  • Why Choose Energy Go Stix?
  • There are several great reasons why you should consider using Energy Go Stix to give you a natural energy boost:
  • Unlike typical energy drinks, Energy Go Stix is not loaded with sugar and empty calories
  • Energy Go Stix (Tropical) contains only 15 calories, only 3 grams of carbohydrates and ZERO sugar!
  • Energy Go Stix is a very affordable option, costing only about $1.46 per packet. This is far less expensive than typical energy drinks
  • Key Ingredients of Energy Go Stix
  • Energy Go Stix contain lots of healthy ingredients that gently provide you with the energy that you need to make it through the day. The major ingredients in Energy Go Stix are:
  • 25 mcg of chromium to support healthy weight management
  • A potent blend of 6 amino acids which are crucial for energy production
  • Green tea, yerba mate, guarana, maca, and Rhadiola rosea which are natural sources of caffeine and other powerful energy boosters.
  • 3 forms of ginseng which contains adaptogens to help your body better adapt to stress
  • Patented 4Life Transfer Factor blend with Ultrafactor XF and OvoFactor. This blend helps to educate immune cells and promotes the immune system's ability to more effectively recognize, respond to and remember potential health threats. 
  • Other Great Features of Energy Go Stix
  • Energy Go Stix are available in 4 delicious flavors - Orange Citrus, Berry, Pink Lemonade and Tropical. It is easy and convenient to use. Simply mix the contents of a full packet with 8 ounces of water and enjoy! Ready to get that boost of energy? Get your FREE SAMPLE of Energy Go Stix here
May 23rd 2019

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